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Green Tailors was launched in 2019 by three friends - Fernando, Francisco and Nuno - with a common goal. From our headquarters in Portugal, we started slowly but stubbornly committed to having an active voice in raising awareness and shaping the discussion around the negative impacts of climate change. We were appalled by what was going on in the world. How this affected the environment and resources, and the negative impact that It had on our people, on our communities. More than talking about the issue, we had the urge to have a direct contribution in shaping a more conscious, aware, healthy and empathic world. A place where humans and nature can coexist in a balanced way. Where people can have a more grounded and healthy lifestyle. We had a strong call to act. And Green Tailors came to life.

Green Tailors is more than a sustainable personal products brand. It is a movement of mindful human beings that aim to empower people to save our planet by introducing simple minor changes to everyday habits. We aim to be part of the solution to the challenges our planet currently faces. How? By raising awareness and by offering sustainable, high quality, affordable, everyday alternatives to "mainstream" personal care products. We offer true, honest and green alternatives that are accessible to everyone. Solutions that are available anytime and anywhere. Delivered to your doorstep. We are the "go-to" brand where people and businesses can find every day sustainable essentials without effort. We are part of a growing collective of people that know that we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly.

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Top 3 reasons to add lavender to your routine

Known for: Calming, Soothing, Antiseptic

Can be found in: Lavender Essential Oil and Pure Hand Sanitizer

If you’re wondering why we lovelavender so much, we have a tiny spoiler for you.

Lavender is the common name of the genus Lavandula, which includes 47 known species. It has been around since the Roman empire, at least, and is native to the Old World – Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Lavender is extremely appreciated, from cosmetics to cuisine – some species oflavender, like EnglishLavender, are used as herbs. The namelavender comes from the Latin verblavare that means “to wash” and it is though that it stems fromlavender being used as a bath additive in Ancient Rome. In the 1600’s it was introduced into England, and it is said that Queen Elizabeth lovedlavender jam, and would always have it at her table, as well aslavender infusion. 

Lavender’s very pleasant smell is notorious for bringing a zen mood to every room – its calming and relaxing properties have been studied for ages – and there’s even a colour named after it, which is – you guessed it –lavender, the colour of its beautiful flowers. 

Where we source ourlavender

Thelavender we use in our products comes from the Setúbal area, in southwest Portugal. The Setúbal landscape, a delicate mix of plains and cliffs, is warm in the summer and has mild weather in the winter, making it a perfect place forlavender to grow.

Not onlylavender but all the plants we use are grown locally and processed in the area. Ourlavender essential oil is sourced from a small business which produces all their essential oils in the Iberian Peninsula. 

 The benefits of  lavender

Lavender is considered one of the best plants to use in aromatherapy.

It is though to have calming and relaxing properties, and to be a good sleep aid. Although this is generally said to be popular beliefs, there are actual scientific studies that showlavender has beneficial effects in anxiety treatmentmenopause symptom control, cognitive performance and mood.

Butlavender has not only been studied for its effects on anxiety.Lavender hasmultiple biological effects such as anti-inflammatory, antilipidemic, antimicrobial, antineoplastic, analgesic and sedative effects. Because of this, there is on-going research on the effects oflavender in wounds – it was found to promote thecollagen production and to have otherdesirable effects in wound healing.

 Lavender andlavender oil were also found to have an adjuvant effect in thetreatment of aphthous ulcers in rabbits. There seems to be exciting evidence of the benefits oflavender intreating dermatitis, promotinghair growth in mice, andrepairing damaged skin.

At Green Tailors, we’ve always lovedlavender. For its relaxing and calming properties, we think it is the perfect essence for an essential oil, and that’s why we’ve created theLavender Essential Oil – vegan, bio and eco-friendly. Butlavender’s antimicrobial and antiseptic potential also caught our eye, and that’s how theLavender Pure Hand Sanitizer was born.


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