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Green Tailors was launched in 2019 by three friends - Fernando, Francisco and Nuno - with a common goal. From our headquarters in Portugal, we started slowly but stubbornly committed to having an active voice in raising awareness and shaping the discussion around the negative impacts of climate change. We were appalled by what was going on in the world. How this affected the environment and resources, and the negative impact that It had on our people, on our communities. More than talking about the issue, we had the urge to have a direct contribution in shaping a more conscious, aware, healthy and empathic world. A place where humans and nature can coexist in a balanced way. Where people can have a more grounded and healthy lifestyle. We had a strong call to act. And Green Tailors came to life.

Green Tailors is more than a sustainable personal products brand. It is a movement of mindful human beings that aim to empower people to save our planet by introducing simple minor changes to everyday habits. We aim to be part of the solution to the challenges our planet currently faces. How? By raising awareness and by offering sustainable, high quality, affordable, everyday alternatives to "mainstream" personal care products. We offer true, honest and green alternatives that are accessible to everyone. Solutions that are available anytime and anywhere. Delivered to your doorstep. We are the "go-to" brand where people and businesses can find every day sustainable essentials without effort. We are part of a growing collective of people that know that we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly.

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How to use: Dishwashing soap bar

A dishwashing soap bar seems like a complicated thing, but it is super easy to use. Check out 5 simple steps to guide you into zero-waste dish washing.

Using adishwashing soap bar is really as easy as it looks. In 5 simple steps, you can have clean dishes, pots and even kitchen, with a biodegradable, zero-waste product. Hop on and see how you can use it!

1. Get your sponge, scrub, or brush wet

To make it easier for the soap to adhere, just wet your sponge, scrub, or brush before using it, just like you would do before applying your normal washing up liquid.

2. Thoroughly wet your dishwashing soap bar

And just like your average soap bar, wet it thoroughly before using to create some suds.

3. Rub the dishwashing soap bar directly on your sponge

Gently rub your wetdishwashing soap bar on your sponge, to transfer some soap onto it.

4. Squeeze your sponge to release the lather

Again, just like you would do with a normal washing up liquid, gently squeeze your sponge to make sure it becomes impregnated with soap.

5. Wash away!

It is literally as easy as that! Wash your dishes like you would normally, but with an added bonus of a clear conscience.


But, if you’re still not convinced, we have a mini FAQ for you:
Can I use mydishwashing soap bar to do wash greasy pots and pans?

Yes. TheGreen Tailors Dish Washing Bar is fit for use on pots, pans, dishes, silverware and even stainless steel, as well as glassware and porcelain. And it works wonders on grease – good riddance!

Can I use mydishwashing soap bar to clean counters?

Absolutely! Rub yourdishwashing soap bar on a cleaning cloth following the above-mentioned steps and you can proceed to clean your kitchen counters with all confidence – and this includes the sink itself! If you want, you can even go one step further and rid your kitchen walls of grease and eventual cooking-related stains.

What more can I use mydishwashing soap bar for?

We thought you’d never ask. In fact, you can use your Green Tailors dishwashing soap bar to have at those grease stains on your clothes, or even those persistent stains on your carpet. But that’s not all! That icky-sticky label-glue will come off of glass jarsvery easily with the help of thisdishwashing soap bar. Just try it out!

How can I store mydishwashing soap bar?

Just like any other soap bar, adishwashing soap bar must be kept dry when not in use. This is, obviously, to avoid wasting it way with water every time you open the tap. The best solution is a soap dish, just like the ones you would use in a bathroom sink.

Bonus: can I take mydishwashing soap bar when I go camping?

Yes! You can and you should! The Green TailorsDishwashing Soap Bar is totally biodegradable, so the residue from dishwashing is not harmful for the environment. And, since it is a bar, you can cut up a little bit to take with you in camping trips. Remember that one bar will last as long as up to three bottles of regular washing up liquid, so a small piece will be enough for a weekend trip.